ECO-VISION is an energy-saving air conditioning system with an amazing reduction effect.


* If you can not watch the video, please download the video file here.

This air-conditioning system is used in hospitals, foster care homes, and large commercial facilities.

The running costs to provide a comfortable environment incurs a significant economic burden.

Among these costs, the greatest loss comes from energy required to transport cooling and heating water (electricity consumption by the pump).

Using a unique control method invented by our company, the electricity consumption by this pump has been reduced, enhancing energy-savings.

*We have achieved an unbelievable reduction of 50-90% (10-50% reduction in electricity consumption).

Two needs have been met- reduction in CO2 emissions and reduction in electricity cost, without changing the method of use of the air-conditioning equipment.

*Actual results will vary depending on operating conditions of the facility and equipment.


Targeted Facilities

Water-cooled air conditioners (Equipment with a cooling tower)


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